Remember our earlier coverage of Solar Stik’s Wearable Advanced Solar Pak (WASP) portable solar generator? Well, here is a continuation of where we left off, with an image to boot this time around. Sporting a trio of progressively powerful versions – where they come in 30W, 60W, and 120W flavors, the WASP System (Wearable Advanced Solar Pak) can be specially modified to see action in any mission that requires man-portable solar charging. Obviously the higher the battery usage, equal improvements would need to be made where recharge capacity and speed are concerned, without bogging down the soldier carrying it around. Enjoy the image of the WASP in action above, and we do hope that more of such improvements will be made in terms of battlefield enhancements so that our men in uniform will always have the advantage of technology over our enemies. After all, running out of juice in the middle of nowhere when you need it most is definitely demoralizing.

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