Any Super Mario fans out there? If there are, you guys probably recognize the image above as the Coin Block that Mario can jump and hit in order to gain coins. Well if you’ve always wanted to do that yourself, then this interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp might be worth checking out.

Measuring 6” by 6”, the lamp is made out laser-cut plexiglass and will be powered by LEDs inside it, and will be suspended by a 11-foot power cord, allowing you to hang it from your ceiling while plugged directly into an outlet. Keeping it true to the game, the lamp can be turned on or off by lightly fist bumping (or tapping) the bottom of the cube, which will in turn play the classic coin noise. It will even play the 1-UP! sound every eight times the lamp has been toggled on/off.

Interested in owning the lamp for yourself? If you are, pop on down to Etsy where you will be able to purchase it for $74.99. In the mean time check out the videos below to see the lamp in action.

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