We’re sure that you guys have come across watches before that combine both digital and analog times into a single device. This usually involves an analog face with a small screen at the bottom that shows the time in digital format, although in this design by Peter from the UK, he has managed to create a digital/analog hybrid watch concept.


As you can see in the rendering above, the watch sports a face with an arrow that moves in a circle much like an analog watch. The arrows will be used to point towards the minutes which are depicted by the outer ring of the watch which will also be used to tell the seconds. The arrow itself will sport 12 LCD/LED bars that will indicate the hours, and as ou can see in the rendering above, the 12 bars within the arrow indicate it’s 12, while the arrow points at the 15 minute mark, while the outer ring of LCD/LEDs indicates 45 seconds.

A pretty interesting concept, and based on the designs, it will come in either a black or silver finish, both of which are pretty sleek looking. If you like what you see, pop on over to Tokyo Flash and leave your comments and where you can vote on the chance that the watch could be made a reality.

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