The iCloud “just works” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, but not everything is peachy keen according to Greenpeace, the global environmental watchdog who claims that Apple’s iCloud is actually an unsustainable coal-fueled entity. Not only that, the recently announced movie service is not going to make things better, but rather, the situation will turn sour even more. Greenpeace senior policy analyst Gary Cook says, “Apple is about innovation, but buying coal at really cheap source is not innovative. Those data centers [supporting iCloud] are fueled by about 60 percent coal.”

Imagine playing back snippets of the Earth Song by Michael Jackson which depicts the environment being raped each time you watch a movie from iCloud, and as Gary put it, you are more or less “watching a movie knowing it’s destroying the Appalachians and using dirty energy.” Greenpeace recommends Apple to employ renewable energy sources such as solar or wind to power their data centers, and Apple clearly lacks behind Facebook, Yahoo and Google where a cleaner grid is concerned. I guess it is no wonder Apple boasts of ever greater profits with each passing quarter…

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