Mario is certainly one of the most recgonized video game characters to date, where this rotund Italian plumber (who apparently knows the best way to keep one’s clothes clean despite crawling through pipes and all) has traveled through different universes throughout his career. Well, I have never seen anything else other than grim and plenty of yucky muck at the other end of a pipe, so perhaps Mario knows something else that I don’t. Well, for those who feel that Mario and Portal would make for the perfect video game tie up, the day has arrived. “Mari0”, developed by developer-house Stabyourself is actually a remake of the classic Super Mario Bros – although it is not what most people would think, including a mere dash of Aperture science thrown into the mix. It even supports four-player co-op, while throwing in a level editor to tickle your imagination in addition to a bunch of modes that will certainly increase the replay value by more than a notch.

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