If you’ve got the money, we’ve got the storage space – or so that is what it seems to look like according to Carpathia Hosting, the company that currently maintains 25 million GBs (that would place it at 25 Petabytes) of data belonging to MegaUpload ever since the US government decided to shut down the service due to alleged piracy activities. The entire cost of holding 25 Petabytes of data daily is proved too much for Carpathia Hosting, who currently spends around $9,000 daily. Basically, this is a plea from them for users to send money their way, otherwise the Carpathia will go ahead and delete users’ files. Not holding out as steady as its namesake of a mountain range in Europe, eh?

Just for comparison’s sake, if one were to store an equal amount of data on Amazon S3 (including two way bandwidth), it will cost a cool $1,516,583.36 per month – which works out to around $50,000 daily. Being charged 20% of that amount by Carpathian certainly makes it sound like a bargain. You can continue with your own math equations using the Amazon Web Services Simple Calculator.

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