So we have seen the release of a new iPad, where the name itself has reset all the way to the beginning, and perhaps the upcoming MacBook Pro revision might simply be called that – the new MacBook Pro, although industry pundits might figure out that the fruity company would best remain with the standard Macbook Pro moniker. Word on the street has it that Apple will be ramping up the mass production process of its next generation MacBook Pro from April onwards, strategically placing it in a position to benefit from Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors. No idea on just which particular screen size will enter production first, but MacRumors claim that the 15″ model is in pole position as this could very well have “something to do with [Intel’s Ivy Bridge] timetable as it was reported the very low power Ivy Bridge CPUs also won’t be ready until June.” We also hope to see slimmer MacBook Pros released in the future sans an optical drive, similar to the MacBook Air.

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