If you’re a fan of paper art, like origami, a new Kickstarter project by the name of reaDIYmate will not only allow you to create objects using paper, but will allow you to bring them to “life” thanks to the internet. Made from paper, the reaDIYmate has been described as “fun Wi-Fi paper companions that move and play digital sounds depending no what’s happening in your digital life.”

Users will be able to select the behavior of the reaDIYmate via a web interface, for example choosing to animate them or have them play a specific sound whenever you receive an email, Facebook message, tweet, etc. Plus given the fact that the reaDIYmates are WiFi capable, you will be able to place them in just about anywhere in your house, allowing you to be notified while in the kitchen that you have a new Facebook notification awaiting you, or an email from a loved one.


The reaDIYmates come in a variety of designs and colors, or for those more artistically inclined, they are available in plain white allowing you to design your own unique reaDIYmate. For those who are particularly tech savvy, the reaDIYmates are Arduino compatible, allowing you to come up with your own ideas of what it can do. It certainly sounds like a fun and interesting project, so for more information or to pledge a donation, head on down to the reaDIYmate’s Kickstarter page for the details.

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