Patents are the new ammunition for companies, and racking up as many relevant patents as possible right now is a surefire investment that is worth making, as you can never quite tell just when you might be able to call upon those patents in the future as other companies infringe upon them, and you drag them to court in order to extract a payment. Well, Samsung has just patented a new wearable device that will enable your smartphone to function somewhat like a gyroscopic mouse, where it can control a pointer. Instead of relying on a gyroscope or accelerometer, Samsung’s patent is said to transform the camera on your handset into a pointer, where the software-based solution is required in order for the phone’s sensor and display to agree upon a background marker in order to line up the motions. Do bear in mind that something that has been patented does not necessarily mean it will make it to the mass market, so it would be interesting to see what Samsung has in store ahead for us.

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