Yes, we did announce that Angry Birds Space was officially released today across different kinds of platforms, and I am quite sure that many of you have already purchased and downloaded the mobile gaming title, having plenty of fun throwing our avian friends through space. As sound does not travel through a vacuum, it makes me wonder just where all the sound effects come from, just like Star Wars. Hopefully they will not find themselves coming up against the likes of a TIE Fighter for sure. But I digress and return to the topic of choice, which is MTV and Rovio teaming up to release the first Angry Birds youth activism effort ever. You are able to access a secret Golden Egg level of Angry Birds Space by posting a positive action on MTV’s Draw Your Line app, now how about that? It sounds like a win-win situation, although I figure out that most folks would pay more attention to the game and the secret Golden Egg level rather than the efforts being made to combat digital abuse. A noteworthy effort on Rovio and MTV’s part.

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