New York – the city that never sleeps, is one of the modern landmarks which most folks would want to visit at least once in their lives. Well, for those who take cabs every single day while they are in New York might want to take note of a new payment platform from Square. This new payment method will see taxi drivers be endowed with an iPhone of their own, enabling them to include toll fees and message with dispatch. This new system will see action in just 30 taxis for a start, giving passengers the freedom to swipe their credit card at any point while they are still inside, prior to arriving at their destination. You also need not sign any bits of paper, since you can always leave an electronic signature at the back with your finger, and receive the receipt via email or in the form of a text message. This would certainly cut down on the paper trial, but make sure you do have a decent backup solution for your digital information just in case your email account gets hacked or anything of that sort.

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