The University of Tokyo is a hotbed of innovative thinking, and the Naemura Group is currently heading a research into interactive ways of presenting information, resulting in a projector that communicates through visible light. This visible-light communication projector is capable of adding more information to the projected image, which might eventually result in a modification of the time tested adage, “A picture speaks a thousand words” – perhaps by adding a couple hundred more words, no? Considering flashing occurs 10,000 times per second, the display might seem normal to the human eye, but when you place a light-receiving device near the picture, said device is capable of reading information from the different flashing patterns that are conjured by individual pixels.

The process of embedding position data in individual pixels allow interaction between the light-receiving device and the display, hence an LCD touchpanel can be “conjured”. It is also possible to display an image right up there in the air, as well as operate a touchpanel on the imaging surface. Happy days for the technologically inclined are definitely in store, and we hope to be there in the future to cover more digital revolutions.

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