Sure, we’ve seen blinged out iPad 1 and 2s before, and now it looks like we can add a blinged out third-generation iPad to that list. Yup, it looks like the folks at Gold & Co. have taken the wraps off their shiny new creation, which is in the form of a 24ct gold plated third-generation iPad. It is expected to be made available in select stores located in Dubai, London and Hong Kong. Apparently the first unit has been auctioned off with the proceeds from the auction being donated to charity.

So just how much would such an iPad cost you? Well if you have deep pockets and you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a gold plated tablet, expect to fork out a staggering $5,499 for the 64GB WiFi + 4G model. Alternatively if you’d like to match that gold plated iPad, Gold & Co. is also offering up gold plated iPhones and Blackberry devices as well. So, any takers?

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