Did you watch last year’s release of Planet of the Apes? It was certainly something to see Caesar finally walk upright on his hind legs, and the moment when he shouted, “NO!” in the face of a human proved to be defining to say the least. Well, I am glad to say that apes have not caught up with us humans yet in terms of intelligence, otherwise we would be subservient to them, but that is not to say apes do not have much potential up there in the head. In fact, the bonobos over at Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa, rely on Lexigram symbols to communicate with people. A Kickstarter project has begun for an app that allows humans to “talk” to apes – Bonobo Chat.

$20,000 is required, and with 11 more days to go, they still need to raise the better part of $17,00 to get this dream going. Are you going to be part of it, or do you think it is just a waste of time and money? It would be interesting to see just how a modern touchscreen interface will help bridge the communications gap between apes and humans in the long run.

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