Firefox 12 was just announced as available for download slightly more than a couple of days ago, and here we are with word from Mozilla that they are already readying Firefox 13 which will be due in approximately one and a half month’s time from now. Of course, for all of you marshmallow kids out there who do not know the meaning of patience, much less practise it, there is always the option of downloading Firefox 13 straight from the beta release channel. What would make Firefox 13 stand out from its predecessors should most probably be what is called “tabs on demand”, where this feature refers to the method that Firefox restarts whenever you open up multiple tabs.


Firefox currently restores only the selected tab, and background tabs are not loaded. Tabs on demand will definitely be more than welcome, since it will only load when you select a particular tab, instead of waiting for all the tabs to reload. As for the default Home Page, it now features links to menu items including Bookmarks, History, Settings, Add-ons, Downloads and Sync Preferences.

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