Ford Motor has lifted up the curtain on the handling and storage recommendations of electric as well as hybrid electric vehicles, where both categories will come with high-voltage batteries underneath the hood, so to speak. It seems that the more complex a vehicle is, the more care and concern you need to shower it with. Case in point, Ford’s recommended electric vehicle procedures will include proper shutdown processes, in addition to knowing just how to disable the high-voltage system, as well as methods on transporting the vehicle in a safe manner as well as best practices when it comes to storage. Not only that, Ford Motor also revealed how a driver will need to handle their electric vehicles during and after an unfortunate collision in a safe manner.

After all, this is no ordinary car battery which we are talking about here, but rather, expensive lithium-ion batteries which are pretty new in the market when you compare it to the rest of the rides on the road. After all, high-voltage batteries and associated components can remain energized and fully charged even after an accident, and exposed electrical components, wires and high-voltage batteries is a clear and ever present dangerous source of potential shock hazards. You can check out the two PDF documents from Ford here and here.

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