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A Fully Electric Aircraft Had Its First Test Flight
The first flight for a fully electric aircraft was spotted in the vicinity of Vancouver, Canada.Even though the first flight session lasted only about 15 minutes – it was a success.The aircraft was originally a 62-year old, six-passenger seaplane – which was apparently tweaked to fit in an electric motor, as mentioned by the MIT Technology Review.In addition to the build information, the aircraft was designed by an Australian engineering […]

An Electric Autonomous Cargo Ship Is Being Made In Norway
If you thought autonomy would just be pushed to cars, well, you are wrong. The principle of autonomy can be applied to other modes of transportation as well, including but not limited to ships. Two Norway-based companies have decided to show that the same technology can also be used on seafaring vessels as well. They have teamed up to build the world’s first electric and autonomous crewless ship.

Electric Bigfoot Sounds Like An Oxymoron
When one thinks about monster trucks, the traditional Bigfoot comes into mind, but this time around, it seems that Bigfoot has gotten greener, which would make it sound like an oxymoron. We are talking about an all-electric makeover, as Bigfoot 4×4, Inc. has worked together alongside battery manufacturer EnerSys in order to roll out the ODYSSEY Battery BIGFOOT No. 20 Monster Truck, where it is touted to be the first […]

Mitsubishi prepares i-MiEV Evolution electric car for “The Race to the Clouds”
Mitsubishi is taking the Evo into the next level with its i-MiEV Evolution, a performance version of its i-MiEV electric car released last year. Apparently the Japanese car manufacturing company is prepping up for the annual Pile Peak Hill Climb on July 8 where electric cars will be competing in the Electric division. Mitsubishi said that its  i-MiEV Evolution is based from a stock i-MiEV but with the specs heavily […]


Ford unveils electric vehicle handling and storage recommendations
Ford Motor has lifted up the curtain on the handling and storage recommendations of electric as well as hybrid electric vehicles, where both categories will come with high-voltage batteries underneath the hood, so to speak. It seems that the more complex a vehicle is, the more care and concern you need to shower it with. Case in point, Ford’s recommended electric vehicle procedures will include proper shutdown processes, in addition […]

Electric cigarette explodes, severely injuring man
Smoking can kill you, they said. Why not settle for an electric cigarette instead, they said. After all, there is no nicotine in there to damage your body, they said. What does that kind of advice result in – cleaner lungs? Perhaps, but it also ended up with a man being sent to a burn unit after his electric cigarette exploded in his mouth, resulting in a severely burnt face […]

Tesla Model X electric SUV unveiled
Electric car maker, Tesla, recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation – an all-electric SUV, minivan hybrid called the Model X. First thing you’ll notice about the car (if its doors are open) will be its “falcon wing” rear doors. Instead of opening to the side like regular doors in the front, these “falcon wing” doors open upwards instead, resembling the wings of a bird when open. The doors […]

First manned electric multicopter looks scary
If you think you’re looking for an exciting way to fly, the German engineers over at e-volo have the perfect suggestion for you: an electric multicopter. In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s basically an exercise ball attached to a chair that’s surrounded by multiple mini helicopters. The passenger sits on the chair in the center of this “vehicle” and basically hopes for the best. The multicopter is controlled […]

MyWay - a cool ultraportable electric scooter
GreenReflex has launched a new ultraportable electric scooter called MyWay. It is a foldable transportation device that is powered by an electric motor and a Li-Ion battery. Its main advantage is being extremely compact (110 x 24 x 37cm, folded) and at 12kg, it is relatively light, thanks to an aluminum construction. It has a range of 30km (18.6 miles) on flat surfaces and your mileage will vary depending on […]

Lightning Motorcycle electric SuperBike hits 218 MPH
For anyone who’s doubted the power of electric motors – Lighting Motorcycle is here to set prove the non-believers wrong. The company recently smashed the electric motorcycle world record speed with an impressive top speed of 218 MPH (the previously world record was 173MPH). Even the bike’s average speed of 215 MPH smoked it!

BMW unveils i3 and i8 eco-friendly cars
BMW has just announced its entry in the electric car market with two impressive looking models – the i3 and the i8. Even though the cars are spec’d differently for different markets, one thing the cars have in common is that they’re both great for the environment. The i3 will be an all-electric small city car, while the i8 will be a powerful hybrid sports car featuring an electric motor […]

Concept Audi electric bike is sleek and minimalistic
While bicycles are already as green as vehicles can get, motorbikes unfortunately don’t fall into the same category. As a way to compromise the need for an engine (sometimes you just need that extra help going uphill especially after a tiring day at work) bicycle manufacturers have started putting electrical motors in their designs. But most of these bikes don’t exactly look fantastic. Well, a designer named Arash Karimi has […]

MotoCzysz E1pc electric bike aims to break records
Michael Czysz’s latest MotoCzysz electric motorcycle was recently shown off in its full glory, and boy it sure is impressive. With a carbon fiber frame and an engine that packs up nearly 200 horsepower, the bike weighs less than 500 pounds. Michael Czysz has plans for the E1pc to become the first electric bike to break the 100mph average lap at the Isle of Man TT.While the full specs of […]

Audi A3 e-Tron unveiled
Everyone’s going green, and car makers are no exception. Audi has just shown off their latest green vehicle called the Audio A3 e-Tron. Powered completely by electricity (like the Nissan LEAF), the Audi A3 e-Tron is based on the Sportback version of the A3 and is touted to provide an acceleration of 0-60mph in 11.2 seconds, with a top speed of 90mph. It is powered by a 300kg lithium-ion battery […]