Foxconn Technology Group has announced that they will do their part to ensure the quality of work life among their employees are upgraded – by increasing wages, while reducing the number of hours that they will need to work, according to Chairman Terry Gou. This move came about after Foxconn came under fire for poor working conditions for employees who are responsible for the manufacturing and assembly of the iPhones and iPads from Apple. This move is part of the group’s effort to relieve the pressure on its existing factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, both situated in China.

Salaries in Foxconn factories located in Brazil are higher than what folks working in China for Foxconn get, but I guess with the increase of wages for China-based workers, a balancing of the scales might eventually be achieved. This is a good thing, and hopefully it is not just pulling wool over the world’s eyes. I have a friend working in China who says that Foxconn can afford to pay ridiculously low wages simply because if you do not want to take up the job offer, there is a long queue outside waiting to take over where you left off. An employer’s market, basically.

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