The Mountain View-based online search giant Google has picked its new GBike that has been created by a team of engineers from the company from about 35 to 40 submissions in a design competition within Google itself. The bicycle itself is said to debut at the end of this month. For the company-wide competition, Google listed 4 design criteria, easy production, affordable, comfortable and secure. As for its form factor, the company just wanted it “Googley”. Among the submissions that they received were a BMX-style bike and even a 19th century old Penny-farthing high-wheel bike. The one that won (pictured above) is far more conservative and is akin to a beach cruiser with coaster brakes and hand brakes.

The steel bike comes with a basket and a bell along with fenders to keep spray off cyclists’ backs during the rainy days. On top of that, the design includes a cover for the chain which will help users keep the grease off their clothes. David Fork, whose 4-man team won the competition said, “We love the GBikes but have also heard from many Googlers about things they wish were different.” In their free time, the team tried out different combinations and built prototypes with different sized wheels, types of tires, brakes and gearing systems. Ironically, the team won a $500 gift certificate to a local bike shop and cannot figure out how to spend it. The company intends to order enough bikes for the 10,000 employees on campus so that if they want a bike, they can have a bike.

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