Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, has been talked about for quite a bit. Unfortunately to date there hasn’t been any official confirmation of sorts with the latest rumor suggesting that a launch of Google Drive could be happening as soon as this week. Perhaps that rumor could very well pan out thanks to a Google employee inadvertently showing off the Google Drive icon on his phone during an Android Developers Hangout on Google Plus. Google promptly yanked the video but not before the good folks over at The Verge managed to grab a screenshot on the developer’s phone (pictured above).


For those unfamiliar, Google Drive is expected to be an alternative to popular cloud storage service, Dropbox. According to the rumors, Google Drive will attempt to lure Dropbox users over onto its service by offering 5GB free at the start which is 3GB more than Dropbox’s 2GB offering. It is also expected that users will be able to increase that storage by paying for a larger capacity although Google has yet to officially reveal its pricing plans.

While this still doesn’t give us any confirmation that a launch could happen this week, it does confirm that Google Drive does exist. In the mean time, check out the video below for the archived Android Developers Hangout video where Google Drive can be seen on the employee’s phone around the 18 second mark.

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