Google has announced that its TV & Movies will now feature personalized choices in a new layout, which in my opinion resembles Netflix’s or Vudu – two classic in that genre (it’s a good thing). The personalization works by having users mark their favorite channels, shows and movies. From there, the app will try to keep a list of potentially interesting shows, and will propose different venues to watch them (Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc…). Obviously, the more you actively rate, and the better the suggestions will be, and that includes the new shows that you’ve never watched before.

It’s a welcome update as the app was getting love/hate reviews on Google Play, the Android app store. Google TV has been making steady progress, but at the moment, it is bumping on some resistance from the cable operators and other Entertainment industry players. It is fair to say that Google is probably working really on solving any philosophical differences to eventually make the Google TV experience more integrated with Cable TV (it works well with some Satellite providers).

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