According to an article on Geeky-Gadgets, they are featuring a concept urban that is said to move gyroscopically like the Segway. The vehicle which is pictured above was created by designer Sanu K R looks like it might fun to drive but also a little fragile. Just like the Segway, the vehicle also has two wheels, but the different thing here is that they are both massive.

The interesting part of the design that revolves around a gyroscope controlled balancing mechanism is that instead of standing like you would while riding a Segway, you can sit back and relax while you are protected from elements inside your clear bubble of a cabin. To steer the vehicle, the driver will be able to use a joystick as opposed to a steering wheel which allegedly adds to the unique driving experience some of which will be affected by the gyroscopic balancing. While this interesting product is still a concept vehicle, who know what can happen on crowd funding websites such as Kickstarter.

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