Snapdragon S4 in red, Tegra 3 in green

A YouTube video showing the benchmarking of the HTC One X powered by Tegra 3 against the HTC One X powered by SnapDragon (S4) has made its way to the web. At the moment, no quad-core version of the HTC One is available in the USA (but is available in Europe), and this made a number of potential buyers particularly unhappy. Sure 4 cores sound better than two cores, but let’s take a look at the results of this video (after the jump).


While we haven’t been able to verify these numbers internally, they are credible and would fall in line with the fact that a quad-core processor can handily beat a dual-core processor in synthetic benchmarks that use multi-core programming properly. In this particular tests, the graphics processor (GPU) is also faster with Tegra 3.

Note that in actual usage, the “perceived” performance can be different as not every apps use multiple cores. What I find particularly interesting is the lowest possible frequency of 51Mhz that Tegra 3 is capable of, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this may impact the battery life. In the meantime, you can only hope that the HTC One X will appear in its quad-core version, just to bring a little more competition to that particular market. Given that NVIDIA does not yet provide an integrated LTE option, you may want to keep an eye on non-LTE wireless carriers.

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