The Army as definitely taken a positive look at the Apple iPhone, citing the design of the Army’s next truck as “smart, flexible, user-friendly, partially autonomous and affordable”. Ah well, with austerity measures being introduced to different governments worldwide, it makes perfect sense for the Army to have a more prudent approach in spending the taxpayers’ money. Their future truck would be modeled after the Apple iPhone’s qualities, calling it the “i-Tactical Wheeled Vehicle” although I would have preferred it to have a far shorter name to remember.

This will be a replacement for the Humvee, and is already in the final stages of design. This truck will have iPhone-like capabilities (hopefully there is no weakness like the grip of death!), being specially designed from the wheels up. Unfortunately, the next round of truck replacements will happen in approximately 15 years thereabouts, and will trucks be relevant by then on the battlefield, or would it go the way of the horse? Exciting times are ahead, and it is interesting to see a smartphone influence the design of a military vehicle.

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