There’s no doubt that Apple’s iPad is the tablet to beat, and according to a report by Digitimes, both Intel and Microsoft feel the same way as well and are apparently exploring ways to which they will be able to reduce the iPad’s market share of 70% to under 50% by mid-2013. We’re not sure how Intel plans to accomplish this, but we know that Microsoft already has Windows 8 planned which will not only double up as a desktop operating system, but thanks to its Metro UI, it should have no problems doubling up as a tablet operating system as well. Several first-tier OEMs have reportedly signed on to start producing Windows 8 tablets, so perhaps customers sick of having to choose either iOS or Android as their choice of OS will now have Windows 8 to turn to as an alternative. Will Microsoft and Intel be successful at stealing some of the iPad’s market share? We guess we will have to wait and find out later this year when Microsoft is scheduled to release Windows 8 to the masses.

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