Once in a while, a concept will grace our pages simply because it is interesting enough to warrant more than a second look. Having said that, pico projectors have not really taken off in a way where the manufacturers themselves had hoped, never achieving the kind of heights that was once thought possible. Instead, pico projectors have been relegated to a very niche market, leaving standard sized projectors well alone. There has been attempts to incorporate a projector into a smartphone, but the quality is definitely not high quality to say the least. Enter the iPhone Beamer Project concept, where you will dock the iPhone on this particular device, and it will go ahead and throw a far larger image onto a wall or projection screen. No idea on whether this would work with an iPod touch or not, but the way the dock is shaped, you will definitely have to rule out an iPad playing nice. This concept does not look likely to enter production anytime soon due to the apparent limitations in its function though.

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