Let’s face it, the speakers on the iPhone can hardly be called stellar. While they might be useful when placing a call on loudspeaker, they most definitely aren’t adequate when trying to watch movies to listen to music while in outdoor environments. If the idea of lugging about portable speakers with you wherever you go doesn’t sound too appealing, then perhaps thee Lil Kikr Kickstarter project might be worth your time and money.

As pictured above, the Lil Kikr not only acts as a stand and a charging dock for your iPhone, but it also doubles up as an amplifier. This will allow iPhone users to charge their iPhone while blasting out tunes from one end of the Lil Kikr up to 10dB louder. The other end of the tube is used to amplify sounds going in to the microphone. We’re guessing that this could also be used by musicians trying to record live tracks.

At the moment, the Lil Kikr has been designed for the iPhone 4/4S in mind, but another project dubbed the Lil Kikr+ is also in the works which will be compatible with older Apple devices, such as the iPhone 3G, 3GS and select iPods minus their casings. For more information or to pledge a donation, head on down to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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