London olympics logo 2012

An announcement with regards to the London Olympics was made by the organizers which said that visitors who attend the global sporting event are not allowed to take pictures or videos of the proceedings. It even stated that ticket-holders are not allowed to “exploit” any videos on social networks. It read, “Images, video and sound recordings of the Games taken by a Ticket Holder cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes and a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish video and/or sound recordings including on social networking websites and the internet more generally, and may not exploit images, video and/or sound recordings for commercial purposes under any circumstances, whether on the internet or otherwise, or make them available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Basically what this announcement means is that you can take photos and videos of the proceedings but it must stay in your phone or camera and never be let out. It cannot be on Facebook as that is a social networking site and so is Twitter and to that fact, even Instagram has a social-network aspect to it. In short, you cannot tell anyone you went to the Olympics via the internet if a picture is tagged along with it. According to Petapixel, UK photographers are already having a hard time with the authorities for snapping photos of the Olympic venue from public places. There has been no official explanation for the move for now but that is what has been reported thus far.

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