With Microsoft owning some shares of Facebook, it should come as no surprise that their relationship should be highlighted again as Microsoft launched a new project called ‘A Year in The Like’. The app which is on Facebook compiles your data over the last year and comes up with a Timeline of its own which features chosen comments and incidents that occurred through the time. All content can be customized and it looks very decent and absolutely nothing like Facebook’s Timeline.

This self-indulgent tool (which is not a bad thing on your own profile in a social networking site) gives you the options of ‘Making a Movie’ from your Facebook events over the past year which it will stitch to make one clip. To make the movie you can either let the tool compile the info by itself or you can put a hand it and select what you want and what you don’t.

The application will take awhile to compile your complete ‘A Year In The Like’ Timeline but on a personal note, I think it is worth the wait just for some fun. Let us know what you think about this Facebook tool and if you found it interesting or even if you preferred just scrolling all the way down your own timeline to see the same things.

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