The summer Olympics that will be happening in London later this year is the sporting spectacle of the year, and the amount of logistics to be figured out is huge. Monstrous, even. Having said that, it would also be crucial to ensure that data center engineers are available around the clock and on-site to make sure everything concerning computers and data of the event will run like clockwork without any hiccups. London-based Podtime will be offering on-site sleep pods to such data center engineers, giving room for engineering staff to relax, power nap or stay overnight, being right beside the servers which will be under their watchful eye.

According to Interxion’s UK Manging Director, Greg McCulloch, “Due to the nature of our business we need to be ready for all eventualities. While we are excited to have the Olympics in London we need to be sure that we can continue to offer the highest level of resilience to our customers. The installation of the sleeping pods is another great example of Interxion putting resilience and uptime at the forefront of everything it does.”

These modular pods can be stacked, where the standard issue model will be equipped with a single mattress or vinyl covered foam mattress, coupled with storage shelves, a mirror to help you shave, LED lights and a lockable door for that added bit of privacy. Of course, prices start from £1,375 upwards, and if you want additional creature comforts like a luggage compartment, leather mattress covers, digital radios, a TV and DVD player, that would mean forking out more money. [Press Release]

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