So we have smartphones that more or less come with a full touchscreen display these days, so it is interesting to see the idea of a multi-touch floor being toyed around by IBM. In fact, IBM was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently for a security system that actually relies on the floor as its main component. It will transform the floor into a multi-touch surface, where one is able to recognize the person standing on it. This is certainly interesting to ponder over, and you can add it to the number of once inanimate objects which are capable of human interaction, like this Coke machine that dispenses drinks after giving it a nice, bug hug.

This unique floor is able to recognize shapes and sizes, the number of feet on a floor as well as other details that might actually unnerve some people. I say, once we have touchy feely floors, we might as well create walls that are capable of performing recording session, where it will also bring to life the saying “walls have ears” in the future.

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