We talked about how Garmin and Suzuki have come together to work on an infotainment system, and here we are with word that the 2013 Chevrolet Spark and Sonic models will feature the MyLink infotainment system. Basically, the MyLink infotainment system will enable those who are behind the wheel to hook up their smartphone to the ride itself, enabling the in-car system to gain access to the connected device’s personal music playlists, handle all calls in a hands-free manner so that you are able to concentrate on the road better, as well as deal with video and photo slideshow projections. The smartphone-based app known as GogoLink will also deliver navigation services via the system just in case you are in an unfamiliar territory and need to look for a place, and pronto! Sounds very might like the kind of service that Garmin and Suzuki offer with their team up. Will we be seeing similar tie-ins with other manufacturers or service providers down the road? Only time will tell. Just bear in mind that cars with the MyLink system will no longer carry any CD players. [Press Release]

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