When it comes to stealth technology, you know for sure that ninjas are the pioneers in many a folklore. Solid Snake, too, does pretty well in being deadly and silent. However, the real world is not that dense as some computer AI, and in the future, stuff like fog, rain, and even the dark cover of the night as well as concrete walls will be insufficient to provide adequate cover for one to run a stealth mission. This is in part due to a new radar system which is capable of distinguishing you from an animal, while identifying your actions courtesy of a catalog of signatures that has been programmed into the radar system to denote common human activities.

The advancement of such a unique radar technology saw accelerated growth thanks to anti-terrorism research, where it might enable surveillance, military and law enforcement units to “see” inside buildings as well as across vast stretches of land without the need for a camera or human guard. It does not matter whether you walk, run, stand up, shuffle along, stay still, jump, punch or crawl – this new radar is able to identify such actions with an accuracy rate of approximately 85%. Heck, even breathing can be detected, now how about that?

Snake? Snake? Snaaaaake!!!

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