Earlier this morning, we talked about how Terrafugia’s Transition flying car prototype has completed its most recent flight test, and here we are with the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) from a Dutch company which also does somewhat the same – that is, you can drive it on land, or take to the skies when the traffic starts to look as though there is a gridlock a couple of miles down the road. The PAL-V can be configured to function as a gyrocopter, but you have got to make sure beforehand that there is ample room for you to take off – to the tune of 165 meters thereabouts. This three wheeled car will not be able to drive fast considering the form factor, and there is also a possibility that the military as well as emergency services might be able to find good use for it apart from commercial sales. So far, a handful of successful test flights have been conducted, and the Dutch company hopes to rope in investors to take bring the PAL-V past the finish line and roll off factories in due time.

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