You know how aluminum tins are crushed and flattened before they are sent to a recycling center, in order to help save space during the transportation process? Well, I guess the same can be said of the venerable R2-D2, once he has reached the end of his life, he must have given up all will to live, and submitted his fate to the humongous can crusher, resulting in a disc-like, flat form factor – and being recycled as a DJ turntable, of course. This is the R2-DJ turntable (whose idea is by Jessica), where it is actually the inspiration of Tex Nasty at the Remix turntable lab when it comes to the technology, lights and mechanics involved. As for the paint and theme art, Ed Hubbs supplied the necessary impetus. Star Wars fans who love to spend some time in front of a DJ console might want to look into this. If only there were additional buttons on this that will emit R2’s range of beeps and boops – that would definitely be something.

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