MP3 files have taken over the world by storm, ushering in the age of free (read : pirated) music, but thanks to some level of regulations as well as a maturing market, it has started to become profitable even to record labels. Gone are the days when you walk to the store just to get a new record (or even cassettes and CDs), but rather, you just fire up a client like iTunes and make your purchase online, receiving the song within seconds (depending on your Internet connection speed) for you to enjoy right away. How about those who want to keep the flag flying for older technology? Enter Audio Consulting with their brand new R-evolution Minima turntable, merging the classic era of turntables while fusing state of the art technology to make it user friendly and energy efficient.

Designed to take advantage of a direct drive system which lets the leather mat on a wooden platter turn, it will in turn, be able to handle vinyl records too. The chassis itself is mae out of wood, while high-tech steel, bronze and ceramics are employed in the construction of the axle/shaft assembly. Battery powered, it consumes less than two watts of juice, making it incredibly energy efficient.

To make sure your ears won’t suffer from any electrical interferences from a power outlet, Audio Consulting decided to rely just on batteries alone, but all this high technology comes with a price that your bank account probably won’t agree to – $27,265.34.

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