Electronics and fashion do not really go hand in hand all the time, as it will require a creative approach and perfect execution in order to look cool without being tardy. The Remote Control T-Shirt by designer Rebecca Albrand might be the favorite shirt for couch potatoes in the future – simply because Rebecca decided that instead of looking for the remote control that seems to have a mind of its own, disappearing into nooks and crannies by itself, why not let you wear the TV’s remote control? In this way, you need not worry about spending precious time to search for a missing remote control, but switch channels as well as adjust the volume of your TV using nothing but your T-Shirt. This is the brainchild of Rebecca and her classmate Ben Tsang as part of their Junior year project at the University of Arts a couple of years ago.

Since it was a very raw attempt and fusing electronics and textiles, her team did not bother to use very advanced eTextile materials, but rather, relied on an ordinary cable to run through the garment, while freeing the remote control’s electronics from it’s hard shell plastic housing. This means that the buttons will be spread over the front of the shirt, thanks to a transformation into soft keys. Playful and inspirational, it would be great if current T-Shirts can be “upgraded” via a kit or something.

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