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T-shirts might juice up mobile phones in the future
The next time you pull over a T-shirt, perhaps you might not look at it the same way ever again. After all, researchers over at the University of South Carolina have come up with a new method to use cheap T-shirts in order to stash away electrical power. Yes sir, that is correct, we are talking about clothes which could potentially be used to juice up your devices wherever you […]

Remote Control T-Shirt
Electronics and fashion do not really go hand in hand all the time, as it will require a creative approach and perfect execution in order to look cool without being tardy. The Remote Control T-Shirt by designer Rebecca Albrand might be the favorite shirt for couch potatoes in the future – simply because Rebecca decided that instead of looking for the remote control that seems to have a mind of […]

Star Wars Death Star t-shirt comes with lights and sound
Star Wars fans, interested in donning a t-shirt with a image of the Death Star on it? Now before you think that this is your run of the mill t-shirt with a Death Star image on it, you would be wrong. Instead this Death Star t-shirt by Think Geek does more than keep you warm and keep you clothed.

Smart T-shirt does away with pesky wires
We have smart TVs, smartphones, and soon – smart T-shirts. No, these T-shirts will not be some kind of alien symbiote that you see attached to Cletus Cassidy or Eddie Brock, but they do retain some bit of “intelligence” if you will. How does it work? Well, those who have had experience in hospitals (or one of those medical dramas you watch on TV) will definitely be able to identify […]


DROID Bionic promo materials arrive – phone almost here?
Verizon doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to releasing 4G phones on time (HTC Thunderbolt anyone?) and it looks like the Motorola Droid Bionic isn’t doing anything to help clear the carrier’s name. But we’ve got some good news for you anxious folk waiting for the phone’s arrival – promo materials for the phone have started arriving (T-shirts spotted by Android Central and promoo videos spotted […]

A T-Shirt That Helps To Monitor Your Sleeping Patterns
Sleep is important as it helps to boost our memory, controls our metabolism and in a way, helps to determine our mood for the next day (sleeping 3 hours before getting up for work will most definitely leave you in a relatively foul mood). So if you need help tracking your sleeping patterns, typical sleep monitoring systems involve attaching some kind of contraption to your body, which can sometimes hinder […]

Orange Sound Charge T-shirt keeps your phone juiced at gigs
While a smartphone is an awesome device to have, one of its biggest drawbacks when compared to regular feature phones is its battery life. Many phones have trouble making it through a full day (sometimes even half the day when it is used a lot). Consumers are relying on using backup batteries or bringing chargers around just to make sure their devices stay juiced throughout the day.On the other hand, […]

Solar-powered LED T-shirt keeps you motivated to move
If you don’t like the idea of a trainer or somebody telling you to get out of the house to run some laps, maybe a less aggressive reminder would do the trick. How about a solar-powered LED shirt instead? Lingon from Instructables recently posted up the instructions on how to create a Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt. It is a simple but interesting concept that could be used to help people […]

ThumbsUp Emoticon T-Shirt
Make a literal fashion statement with the ThumbsUp Emoticon T-Shirt, where you can show off up to a quartet of emoticons in order to convey your current mood to the rest of the world. The four expressions available for you to pick out are a happy face, a sad face, a winking face or a surprised face. All you need to do to impress others with your current emotion is […]