I am not sure about you, but definitely interacting with a robot or digital lifeform lacks the kind of “warmth” and human-ness to the situation, if you get what I mean. Having said that, is there a place for a robot to take over the place of a callgirl? That is the question that Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand, explored, in their paper which was aptly titled as “Robots, men and sex tourism.” This particular paper saw publication in the journal called Futures, and touched upon a future which sees android prostitutes plying the world’s oldest profession, in an effort to stem global sex trafficking and well as for a more practical reason – that is, to reduce the exploitation of sex workers and possibly cut down rates of sexually transmitted diseases among mankind. No idea on whether such android prostitutes are able to induce the same kind of pleasure as a human, but that is a question that will definitely fuel conversations around the table late into the night.

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