Sony is moving towards the possible commercializing of a next-generation optical disc archive storage system known as the Optical Disc Archive. Not only that, Sony wants to set up an Optical Disc Archive Advisory Group in order to promote the adoption of this new storage format, targeting different companies in related industries. The whole idea of this new system is to offer superior long-term storage capabilities, where they are enabled via the use of media that were specially constructed to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, not to mention being dust and water resistant as well. Apart from that, the new Optical Disc Archive will offer guaranteed intergenerational compatibility, doing away with the need to re-archive copies of past archive data. Now that is definitely something worth considering, not to mention it being a more user-friendly and dependable long-term storage solution.


By the time Fall 2012 arrives, Sony would have had plans to introduce different optical disc media for archive storage solutions into the market which will play nice with the “ODS-D55U” drive unit that sports a USB 3.0 interface, in addition to varying storage capacities of between 300GB to 1.5TB. I wonder how many home users would actually consider exploring this as an inter-generational method of archiving their digital memories. Obviously, an “Optical Disc Archive Lite” might be worth exploring. [Press Release]

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