Spotify has come up with an innovative way of using Facebook’s much debated ‘Timeline’ feature to its advantage. Being an application that revolves around music, they have taken it upon themselves to not only educate users but also to learn about how and when music and other aspects of it started and evolved. The Timeline which starts from 1001AD with experiments with two-part harmony goes on to track the evolution music from Bach, to Beethoven, to Britney as our friends over at TheVerge so aptly put it.


The list of music related events is extremely detailed and therefore long and informative. With a number of unpopular musicians who contributed to the art, music historians will be bound to be pleased with the information. Each entry that has been featured in the Timeline comes with a link to Spotify in order for users to discover aspects of music that they might not have been familiar with previously. Spotify has been able to incorporate music fans thirst for knowledge into an unique use of the Timeline feature by Facebook and Spotify calls on its users to point out important dates that it had missed out on.

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