I met Marcin Tredder and Kamil Zięba , co-founders, UXPin, when they came to visit some of their top customers in the Silicon Valley. UXPin is a new kind of wireframing tool that includes a prototyping paper notepad with sticky notes and a web application, WebKit for designing websites and Mobile Kit for designing iPhone apps. The paper prototype is effectively converted into a digital version by simply taking a picture and sending it to a UXPin email address.

Today, UXPin  has announced its updated  application and it now includes the ability to easily review and comment on the digital wireframe by simply generating a link to the prototype located in a cloud and pass it to all people involved in the project. The team members can add their comments directly on the digital prototype in a few clicks, no login and no prior knowledge of the app are required.

Marcin, CEO, UXPin, explained that the UXPin co-founders started to develop this tool for themselves while working as UX designers for one of the largest polish e-commerce site. I have not tried the UXPin prototyping kit myself, however I tend to trust more a product that is being developed and actually used with real clients (vs. in a demo environment) by its creators.

According to Marcin and Kamil, the use of a paper notepad and sticky notes produces better results in the UX design workflow because everyone, especially non-designers who usually are not able to sketch, can freely move around these notes and thus, express their needs and ideas. Basically, WebKit and MobileKit allow “efficient communication in the design process which is absolutely crucial for the success of a product”, said Marcin Tredder.

In addition, the company claims that its product is easier to use than competitive offerings and allows a painless collaboration process, I have to check that for sure. You can try the application for free for 14 days.

UXPin started in November 2010 and was recently funded, its client list includes Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

In the image: MobileKit featuring a project with comments

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