AIRbudz are alternative earbud attachments that can be used on your earphones while you are listening to music in environments which require you to pay attention to what’s around you. The project made its way to the crowd-funding website Kickstarter and is a nifty little innovation. AIRbudz is a creation of SafeSound products which are looking to runners, bikers and music enthusiasts to support its product. AIRbudz will replace the noise-cancelling earbuds that come on your typical ear-phones, and by using the air channels built into it, it will allow you to simultaneously hear music without distortion while also allowing ambient sounds into the ear.

In each package, customers will receive nine AIRbudz with three sets of each size; small, medium and large. Each set will come with a combination of colors and there’s even a cool glow-in- the-dark one. The Kickstarter project which has just taken off, allows potential users to pledge some money in order to receive the product. As usual, there are many different packages that you can pledge for but for one set of AIRbudz, you can pledge at least $10 at the product’s Kickstarter page or visit the website to look at all the various color combinations. Embedded above, is a brief promo video that shows a possible situation as to why the product might be necessary.

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