Given the immense popularity of Rovio’s Angry Birds game, which has spawned countless merchandise both official and unofficial, we guess building a theme park would be testament to its popularity, assuming its millions of downloads did not count already. Well it looks like one theme park isn’t enough and now it seems that another Angry Birds theme park is set to be built and launched in the UK as well! Before you think that Angry Birds theme parks will be the new Disneyland, unfortunately not just yet as this particular park will be opened within the compound of the Sundown Adventureland.

Guests to the park will be able to access themed swings, roundabouts, sand pits, climbing towers, giant dummy catapults along with rides, although it was not mention if these rides will be similar to the ones that will be opening in Finland. The Finnish Lappset Group who was responsible for the Finnish theme park will also be in charge of the design of the £250,000 theme park for the UK. No word on when it will be opening, but the next time you’re in the UK, this might be a theme park worth checking out especially if you’re a huge fan of the franchise.

[Image Credit – Huffington Post]

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