A couple of days ago we reported on some photos of a backplate that allegedly belonged to the iPhone 5. The photos appeared to corroborate some of the iPhone 5 rumors that suggested that Apple could be introducing a smaller dock connector in its next iPhone device, and if you were looking for more evidence of a smaller dock connector, job listings on Apple’s website have called for a “Connector Design Engineer” and a “Product Design Eng – Connector”, with the job description reading as:

The Connector Design Engineer will be responsible for managing multiple connector designs and developments in support of the iPod product lines. Cross-functional development and consulting will be a major part of your daily work. As a Lead Engineer you be responsible for identifying appropriate connection technology requirements for new products and follow through with selection and development of suitable interconnect products. This will often involve adaptation of existing connectors or complete new designs. Interfacing with connector suppliers to direct and implement the necessary design changes or creation of completely new designs will also be a major part of your daily work.

Based on that description, we’re not sure if Apple is still working on a smaller dock connector for the iPhone, or if they’re looking to take that design and apply it to existing connectors, such as the iPad and iPod lineup. We have to agree with Cult of Mac when they said that while a 30-pin dock connector might not seem bulky to regular folks like you and I, a smaller dock connector would allow Apple to fit in more things, like maybe a larger battery or new features.

Either way it certainly looks like Apple is interested in redesigning its dock connector, but as to whether they have already done so or have already begun remains to be seen. We guess we will have to wait until Apple announces something before we will know. Until then stay tuned for more updates.

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