After our story yesterday about Apple allegedly censoring the word jailbreak like it was some expletive, reports today have indicated that Apple has removed the censor and the word appears normally as opposed to J*******k. Apparently the problem was only spotted in the US App Store so it could have been a mistake, but with no statement from Apple yet, nothing can be confirmed for now. If Apple wanted to implement a ban on the word jailbreak, why would it concentrate on the US only, seeing as many jailbreakers are also located internationally?


Moreover, with one of the many reasons to jailbreak an iPhone being to unlock it from its AT&T exclusivity in America while people from other regions use it to get free apps and deeper control of their phone, why wouldn’t Apple implement the ‘ban’ in countries where the term was most popular? According to speculations on the web, the censoring is likely to be the result of an error in the ratings for the US App Store but it looks like Apple has quietly rectified the issue and now we can move on without feeling like the Cupertino tech giant has it in for jailbreakers.

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