In this world, there are some timeless symbols that we can identify with – some of them might no longer be in the market, and yet they still bring back waves of nostalgia in the process. The NES (or Nintendo Entertainment System) is one such device, where this 8-bit video gaming machine that could has certainly done its part in delivering top notch gaming back in its day, where you take over the role of Mario and attempt to save the Princess who seems to love falling into the clutches of a reptilian king. Well, here is one way to befuddle those who are not too familiar with the NES, although they have seen it somewhere in the past – with this NES decal that you plaster all over your Apple TV.

Perhaps this is what the NES would have looked like if Apple actually designed the game console all those years ago? We will never know, so we will just have to make do and be happy with this NES decal that is said ot be able to fit perfectly across your 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV. This skin does not mean your Apple TV will automatically gain the hardiness of the NES – it just makes it look cooler, that is all.

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