I cannot wait for the Dark Knight Rises, and hopefully Nolan’s conclusion to the Batman trilogy will offer a fitting end. I suspect that there will be plenty of tears and tense moments ahead, not to mention the constant moral struggles that Batman has to go through with all sorts of weirdos dropping by Gotham City. Well, movie aside, we do know that there will be a limited edition Batman Nokia Lumia 900 coming our way, and it will be limited to just 900 units worldwide. That would mean this could potentially be rarer than some limited production exotic vehicles.

This particular smartphone will cost £500 in the UK, which is £40 more expensive compared to a standard issue Lumia 900 that has nothing to do with the caped crusader at all. One thing that we still need to find out though – are the 900 limited units just reserved for the UK itself, or does it mean the whole of Europe? If it is the latter, you can be sure that fans of the comic book superhero are going to do their very best in picking it up.

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