Granted it’s not the hardest thing to do trying to plug your charger cable into your iPhone in the dark, but we guess it can be annoying and a little illumination would ease the entire process. Looking to solve the issue of fumbling in the dark are Scrap Pile Labs, a company that has launched a Kickstarter project dubbed the CordLite. As the name itself and the accompanying image above has suggested, CordLite is essentially your standard 30-pin dock connector that will allow you to charge your iOS device or plug it to your computer for syncing and transferring files. The kicker here is that CordLite will come with an illuminator around its edges that will allow users to see where they are plugging to in low light conditions.

The light is activated when the user touches the aluminum touch plates and will turn off once the user has taken their fingers off it. It is certainly very interesting and sounds pretty handy, so if you’d like to get your hands on a CordLite cable, a pledge of $30 to its Kickstarter project will ensure you delivery of it if and when the project has been fully funded. More details and photos can be found at its Kickstarter page.

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