When I hear the term ‘Cow Level’ it takes me back to the hours I spent on Diablo 2 killing ‘Hell Bovines’ that wielded axes while looking for the Cow King whom I purposely avoided so that I could revisit the level when I needed that bump of extra experience. Many Diablo fans were looking forward to the special level to be featured in Diablo 3 and there has been speculation based on datamined information over the last few months leading up to the game’s launch. Now however, it seems that the folks over at the aptly named DiabloNut.com have revealed that it exists.
Naturally, if you haven’t found the entrance to the ‘Cow Level’ yet, and you want to do it by yourself, you should know that this video might bear some resemblance to where you might have been. In short, you should treat it along with the rest of this post as a major spoiler. On the other hand, if you want to see the video which is rather gory and contains what seems to be unicorns as opposed to cows, then go right ahead and enjoy the massacre that is taking place in an area that looks like it could be inhabited by the Care Bears.

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